Romanian oil company announced on Monday a cut for fuel prices by 7 Romanian bani (1 RON=100 bani) per litre. The announcement comes a week after another major operator, Lukoil, announced price cuts of 5-6 bani/l, due to decreasing oil barrel prices on international market.

Rompetrol gasoline prices will be as follows: Benzina Premium 4-3.22 RON, Efix Benzina 95-3.23 RON, Benzina Euro Super 98 leadless (Euro 4)-3.72 RON, Diesel Euro 4-3.18 RON si Efix Diesel- 3.27 RON.

The latest price change announced by Rompetrol occured in early October, when fuel prices were cut by 1-3 bani/l.