Romanian ex-President Ion Iliescu faced General Prosecutor’s Office hearings on Monday over his role in the violent miners’ marches to Bucharest during the nineties.

He and several other personalities including a former prime minister, a miners’ leader and an ex-intelligence boss have been charged with undermining the state authority and the national economy, crimes against humanity and distruction in a case opened in June 2005.

The case relates mainly to a miners’ „crusade” to Bucharest at the request of the-then President Iliescu in 1990, to smash opposition protest against the first post-communist regime.

Despite being summoned to answer prosecutors’ questions repeatedly over the past six months, Iliescu has failed to face hearings in this case since May this year.

Iliescu has led Romania for much of the 16 years since the fall of communism, with three terms - 1990-1992, 1992-1996 and 2000-2004.