The Black Sea reforms become increasingly difficult because of the Russian energy monopoly in the area, said president Basescu on Tuesday, during a video conference intervention in the international conference on “Black Sea Economic development and security”.

Basescu believes that the regressing liberalization and privatization in Russia should determine the Unites States to include the Europe-Asia energy strategy in the trans-Atlantic dialogue agenda.

“The economy and the politics are closely tied. Promoting the reforms in the entire Black Sea area becomes increasingly difficult because of the Russian monopoly on energy (…). Romania is currently looking for co-operation opportunities with the Black Sea countries, designed to ensure a long term economic development of the region.

The most important thing is to develop alternative gas and oil transportation routes from the Caspian Sea, through the Black Sea and towards the European Union”, said Basescu.

The Black Sea region currently provides for 50% of the European energy needs and aims at a 70% ratio during the following ten years, according to the Romanian president, who considers that Russia’ exclusivity in transportation would lead to a more and more important influence in the EU policies.