Things finally look fine: Romanians have a new European Commissioner candidate that everyone seems to like. Still, not all things are pink in Romania, with the battle against corruption - president Basescu’s main promise in the electoral campaign - moved from the former ministers to journalists.

Six arrest warrants were granted on Tuesday for the preventive detaining of some “Gazeta de Cluj” journalists, all accused of blackmailing several local and national officials, Evenimentul Zilei


It seems it’s not their first problem, since the Targu Mures City Hall decided to reopen the case against the journalists, as Romania Libera found.

The only good news of the day is that the Romanian candidate for the European Commissioner seat was accepted and already charged with the multilingualism related problems, Evenimentul Zilei reads, adding Reuters’ comment that “it’s a small issue, but it has an explosive political potential”.

Most newspapers take pride in the fact that Leonard Orban will handle some 1% of the EU budget.

In Romania, all things are as everyone got used to. Fighting corruption is no longer an issue, at least not for deputies, who overwhelmingly voted on Tuesday against the National Integrity Agency’s right to check on their wealth, Romania Libera informs.

ANI would only be able to see and check their own wealth statements, 251 deputies decided, with only 5 votes against and one abstention.

At least the traffic in Bucharest is about to take a breather, with 90 brand new parking lots in project at the Bucharest City Hall, Gandul finds.

Unfortunately, it’s still a purely Romanian piece of business: 4 of the first 20 buildings will be placed in areas where no one needs them.

Dogs and cats seem to be the only truly happy Bucharest citizens, since the same Gandul found 13 managers and 118 employees at the City Hall in charge with their well-being, regardless of the fact that over 80 NGOs have the same job.

While the Mayor has fun with the local budget, early elections are about to become once again an issue, after the latest meeting between president Basescu and prime minister Tariceanu, as Adevarul found out while watching TV.

Same president now sees how futile the resistance is in front of the general corruption and publicly declares that former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase could be the victim of harassment, in case the only file against him refers to nothing more than thermal-proof windows, as Adevarul quotes.

All for the best, some might say. At least we won’t get anymore hurricanes and tornados after the deputies’ vote on artificial weather tempering, Cotidianul reads.

It won’t rain as heavily as before, but the simple Romanian cow could care less. Its problem is the milk: millions of farmers were poorly informed on the European milk quota and now must keep their products only for domestic use, same Cotidianul reads.

A beautiful country, that needs a lot of cookies for all that milk!