Cosmote Romania, the mobile telecom company, has announced that it used a 220 million euro investment to expand its territorial network to about 92% of the country’s population and more than 76% of its territory in record time.

It also announced that it will continue to invest in extending its GSM network to reach over 95% population coverage and over 82% of territorial coverage by the end of the year.

According to the company, the number of Romanian Cosmote clients is rising at a pace of some 15,000 daily. Its current goal is to reach a 98% demographic coverage and 85% territorial coverage, above the current maximum limits of the competing companies, Orange and Vodafone.

In its first seven operational months in Romania, Cosmote reports some 531,600 users and a market share of about 4%. In comparison, Vodafone Romania had over 6.7 million clients by the end of June while Orange reported 7.1 million clients by the end of the first quarter this year.