Romanian managers expect an increase in activities in the manufacturing, retail and services sectors in the fourth quarter of the year while the construction works sector will see a drop in activities, according to a study by the National Statistics Institute - INS. Interviewed managers say that prices are expected to grow in all economic sectors as a result of the trend.

In the manufacturing sectors, managers expect a continuation of growth both in terms of production volume and the number of contracts and orders. 79% of the respondents the number of employees will remain stable for the period.

In the retail sectors, managers expect a growth of sales due to seasonal opportunities, which will boost economic growth and a slight increase in payroll. Prices in this sector are also expected to grow, but at a slower pace than so far this year.

The same trend is to be felt in the services sector with the only exception reported in the tourism and restaurant industry, where pessimism is increasing both in terms of market demand and payroll.