Checks in the African country of Congo as part of a campaign to fight arms trafficking have led to the discovery of weapons from Russia, China, Greece, the US but also from Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria, an Amnesty International spokesperson has announced, quoted by British newspaper The Scotsman. Romanian officials promptly rejected allegations of breaching the Congo embargo this weekend.

Bucharest-based news channel Realitatea TV quoted ex-Defense minister Teodor Atanasiu on Saturday who said that Romania has not exported weapons to Congo for the past several years. Also on Saturday, the Romanian Foreign Ministry issued a press release saying that Romania was strictly complying with arms embargoes established by UN Security Council resolutions.

And it said the National Agency of Exports Control has not approve any request for arms export license involving the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2003 and that Romania has stopped delivering weapons to the African country in 2000, three years before the international embargo was introduced.