The development trends for Romania’s energy policy aim at the use of coal and nuclear fuels, as president Traian Basescu already announced during a conference on Romania’s energy security in India.

Analysts seem to agree with the president, still warning on the fact that next year;s budget is far from showing any development in this area.

Traian Basescu participated on Wednesday in the „Energy - Co-Operation Development” conference, organized by the George C. Marshall Association,the U.S. Embassy and the German Embassy in Bucharest.

President Basescu reminded that the energy mix used in Europe is still dominated by fossile fuels. In 2005, the oil represented some 37% of all European consumption fuel, natural gas - 24%, solid fuels - 18%, nuclear power - 15% and „green resources” - 6%.

Before 2030, the amount of coal used would diminish, still the Earth’s demand for energy would grow 50%, compared to 2003. The need for oil will be 46% higher, while the known resources would last only until 2040 for oil and 2070 for natural gas.