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Barroso confirms Bulgarian commissioner

Joi, 26 octombrie 2006, 0:00

The Romanian and Bulgarian candidates for the European Commissioner position, Varujan Vosganian and Meglena Kuneva, respectively, must undergo serious tests, warn the vice presidents of the Socialist Group in the European Parliament, Jan Marius Wiersma and Hannes Swoboda.
In a recent statement made on Wiersma’s personal website, both officials seem concerned with the quality of the Romanian candidate.

"Bulgaria’s candidate is known for the pro-European attitude and the political involvement. The Romanian candidate is not. We only know that he was a right-wing politician and that he also was on the payroll of some industry moguls”, Wiersma and Swoboda say.

Wiersma and Swoboda claim they would be fair but rough in the hearing of the two. In case both candidates are accepted, the balance in the European Commission would present a right-winged majority.

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