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Historian Dennis Deletant:

"Romania is the scapegoat of a biased press”

Joi, 26 octombrie 2006, 0:00

In an interview for, the well known historian Dennis Deletant makes a portrait of the major problems Romania faces short before becoming an official member of the European Union.
The lack of individual private initiative is one of the main reasons that separates the Western standard of living from the Eastern poverty, Deletant says.

“Each one of us has an inner force that has to be stimulated. I’m glad to see that many youngsters have this pro-active attitude, have the initiative. They left their country - and that is not a simple thing to do, to work, to build and make money. When they return, they will bring a new spirit with them”, says Deletant.

The historian also believes that the anti Romanian spirit is in some cases provoked by a biased media, fact that also happened in the case of Serbs, Gypsies and Albanians.

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