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Conservative Party renews disputes within governing coalition

Marţi, 24 octombrie 2006, 0:00

The Conservative Party, a junior member of the governing coalition in Bucharest, sparked new disputes with its political partners on Tuesday as it announced it joined the opposition Social Democrats-PSD and the far-right Greater Romania Party-PRM in tabling a parliamentary motion against another junior member of the governing alliance, the Hungarian Democrats-UDMR. A coalition session discussing the issue concluded without results later today.

Following the session, the PC representatives said that their move was not accepted by the governing partners and that the party was asked to withdraw the motion against UDMR. And they said their possible exit from the coalition was not discussed today.

For their part, representatives of the Democratic Party-PD, a senior member of the governing alliance, said they found it unconceivable that a member of the coalition, hand in hand with opposition parties, tabled a motion against another member of the government. And they said the PC was requested to make their position clear in order to see whether they stay in the government or not.

And UDMR representative A. Verestoy said his party wanted to save the coalition government, but criticized the political gesture of the Conservatives.

The motion targeted deputy prime minister Marko Bela, head of UDMR, who is accused of breaching the Romanian constitution and fueling dissention between the Romanian majority and the Hungarian minority in the country with a series of radical statements lately.

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