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Britain to announce restrictions for Romanian, Bulgarian workers

Luni, 23 octombrie 2006, 0:00

Secretary John Reid

Britain is to announce plans to restrict the access of skilled workers from Romania and Bulgaria on its labor market once the two countries join the European Union on January 1, 2007. The announcement, expected today and due to be made by Home Secretary John Reid, may be followed with a similar move in Ireland, according to the BBC.

A Blair Government official quoted by the British media has said authorities in London try to establish a balance between Britain’s interests and the need not to send a negative message to Romania. And they pay heed to increased domestic discontent towards the still larger Polish community that entered the British market unrestrictedly since Poland joined the EU in 2004.

That comes as the Romanian community in Britain has for its part sent a letter to PM Tony Blair accusing a campaign of denigration against Romanians in British media, which it says is seriously affecting the image of the East European country.

According to various reports in British newspapers on Sunday and Monday, the British plan aims at limiting the access of skilled Romanian and Bulgarian workers while letting in a number of unskilled workers, such as for fruit picking.

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