The British Government has decided to restrict access to the country’s labor market for Romanian and Bulgarian workers once the two countries join the European Union on January 1, 2007, according to The Observer.

The British weekly says London’s Home Secretary John Reid will unveil a plan to limit labour migration from the two countries, giving in to anti-immigration lobbyists in Britain.

The newspaper says the restrictions would apply to skilled personnel such as those applying to work in construction works, but would allow unskilled workers for agricultural activities.

It also reports that the leaders of the Romanian community in Britain have sent a letter to PM Tony Blair accusing a campaign to discriminate Romanians, run by the British media and seriously affecting the image of Romania. The letter also says the number of Romanians who would be interested in finding work in Britain has been exaggerated.

The news comes as a new poll published by the Financial Times on Friday says 76% of British citizens believe there were too many immigrants in their country - the largest figure in a series of countries where the poll was conducted, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain.