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Romania and the secret CIA flights

Joi, 19 octombrie 2006, 0:00

There is no new evidence to confirm or clearly deny the illegal CIA flights passing through the Romanian Kogalniceanu or Constanta airports, the Investigation Committee of the European Parliament concluded. Still, it is not impossible for secret CIA operations to take place, without the knowledge of Romanian authorities.

Claudio Fava, European Parliament reporter for the CIA flights matter considers that there are some doubts on the possibility of certain prisoners being transported through the Romanian air space, but there is no clear evidence to prove it.

"Romanian authorities treated the matter in a shallow manner”, Fava said, mentioning that there some flights that should have been more closely investigated by Romanians, such as the Bagram-Bucharest flight on December 6th, 2004, operated by a company employed by the CIA.

All seven passengers were Americans and traveling using business passports. The purpose of the flight remains unknown. The passengers left after two days.

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