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EU Foreign ministers happy and worried

Miercuri, 18 octombrie 2006, 0:00

The European Union’s Foreign Ministers meeting in Brussels on Tuesday have formally endorsed Romania and Bulgaria accession to the European structures on January 1st, 2007. Although they all declared their satisfaction for the fact that the accession was not delayed, there is still room for worries, reports.

Due to the slow entry preparation, ministers say they now have their lesson for future enlargements, according to the website. Even after the accession, Romania and Bulgaria will be under constant and tough monitoring, so that EU would know the two countries do enough to fight corruption and crime.

If further problems relating to organized crime and corruption prove to damage the rest of the EU, the commission could impose new sanctions such as the non-recognition of court verdicts, for a period up to three years after accession. Food safety and environment are also issues to be kept under close surveillance.

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