Romania begins to face a labor force crisis, a situation that already became critical in Bulgaria. According to statistics, the large numbers of Romanians that left to work abroad left a huge gap on the internal labor market, as the low unemployment rates show.

The construction companies, the textile industry and the personnel recruiting agencies admit that the demand for workers is above the available force.

The solution, as Bulgaria begins to practice already, is to stimulate the return of Romanians working in Spain and Italy, president Basescu admitted.

The Foreign Ministry had no idea, or it pretends it hasn’t, about how many Romanians work in other countries, but estimates indicate some 2 million people.

Most affected and personnel-demanding areas are the light industry, the constructions and the tourism. The National Occupation Agency is demanding at this moment over 10,000 workers.

“Construction workers may earn up to 2 euros per hour in Romania, compared to 20 abroad”, explains Irina Beltermann, manager at the Eurojobs recruiting agency.