President Traian Basescu retains the top position among Romania’s most popular politicians, according to a new poll published by the CURS research institute on Thursday. He is followed by two politicians close to him, Theodor Stolojan and Mona Musca, while the least popular politicians are ex-PM Adrian Nastase, Hungarian Democrats leader Marko Bela and far-right leader C.V. Tudor.

67% of respondents say they have a good opinion about the head of state, while only 30% of them say they have a bad opinion. Presidential councilor Theodor Stolojan is appreciated by 55% of respondents against 34% with a bad view.

Mona Musca, a former Culture minister who was disgraced by her Liberal Party over revelations that she allegedly collaborated with ex-dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s secret police, is still the third most popular politician. And she is followed by populist politician-businessman Gigi Becali, owner of the Steaua football club, who’s popularity reached the 50% threshold.

The leader of the most prominent opposition party, Mircea Geoana of PSD, comes fifth with a 48% appreciation, while PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu comes only sixth, with 47%.