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Nigerian kidnappers demand ransom for Romanian, colleagues

Joi, 5 octombrie 2006, 0:00

Seven foreign workers, including one Romanian, who were taken hostage in Nigeria two days ago are in good health, but their kidnappers demand ransom in exchange for their freedom, a diplomatic source quoted by Reuters said on Thursday.

The government is due to negotiate with the kidnappers according to usual procedures in such cares, which are frequent in the Niger Delta.

The Foreign Ministry in Bucharest has confirmed that one Romanian was among the foreign workers kidnapped near the Exxon Mobile HQ in the Nigerian city of Eket on Tuesday night. According to the Sofia News press agency, one other hostage may be a Bulgarian.

The Nigerian government promised last month it would act against groups involved in kidnappings in the region. BBC reports that signs already exist there might be a military response to the kidnapping of the seven workers on Tuesday.

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