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The Sun: Bucharest children sold to pedophiles for 150 euro

Luni, 2 octombrie 2006, 0:00

The spread of child trafficking in Bucharest lures the interest of British tabloid The Sun which reports that Romanian children may sell for as low as 150 euro to British pimps.

The report is based on the personal experience of British journalists who posed as British pimps who negotiated their way through the Romanian capital at a time when legislation is currently discussed on pedophilic activities.

The undercover investigation by The Sun reporters shows they received tempting offers in Bucharest, including one with child procurers that offered three boys aged 10 to 11 for as low as 150 euro each.

Two of the boys - Vasile, a 10 year-old smoker, and Danut, 11 - were pictured in the British newspaper report.

The Sun reports that an increasing number of pedophiles are travelling to countries such as Romania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic to profit from a vacuum of legislation regarding pedophiles in these countries.

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