New road traffic restrictions have been applied in Bucharest to tackle security and infrastructure challenges related to a summit of leaders from French-speaking countries the Romanian capital is hosting these days.

Traffic will be halted on several supplementary key routes of the city in the afternoon and will be maintained on the official route linking Bucharest’s international airport with the headquarters of the main state institutions downtown.

This risks complicating traffic even more despite efforts by the Romanian authorities to compell Bucharest citizens in staying at home. Efforts included days off for people working in public institutions.

Traffic will be halted starting 2.30 p.m. on Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, Kogalniceanu Boulevard, Eroilor Sanitari Boulevard, Cotroceni Road, Dr. Marinescu Boulevard and Geniului Boulevard.

Bucharest Police have been recommending people to use common transportation means and leave personal cars at home to avoid traffic jams.