The Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament has postponed a vote on the European Commission reports on Romania and Bulgaria, which were presented on Tuesday, until November 21-23. The news comes as a Committee vote was expected in November.

That means the two reports will be voted by the Parliament as late as December. According to Romania’s EU Integration Ministry representative Adrian Ciocanea, the procedure is normal because the accession treaty is yet to be ratified by several EU member states.

All member states must ratify the treaty for the accession of Romania and Bulgaria before the end of the year.

“The Reports on Romania and Bulgaria were discussed yesterday, but because the ratification process is not yet completed and in order to follow procedures the vote is postponed to December, when the ratification process is to be validated”, Ciocanea told

He said that another report is to be presented by EP rapporteur for Romania Pierre Moscovici on October 11 as well.