APADOR-CH - The “Human Rights Protection Association-Helsinki Committee” - issued a protest asking for the Police and Gendarmerie to lose their right to use fire arms. The protest comes after three such incidents took place in less than a month.

“It’s about the fundamental right to live and also about the minimum training of those who use the guns”, say NGO officials.

In September, shots were fired in the city of Reghin, during a raid in a gipsy neighborhood; in Bucharest, against a 22-year old who was shot to death after stealing candy from a truck; and also against the participants at a football game, Steaua - Dinamo, also in Bucharest.

APADOR-CH reminds that the use of fire arms is allowed only on a strictly necessary basis. The European jurisprudence also establish that the gravity of the suspects’ acts must be considered before taking the decision to shoot. (i.e.: shooting a thief is completely unnecessary)

The NGO demanded the Interior Ministry to regulate as fast as possible the way fire arms should be used, and to forbid the use in any case but the emergency need.