The judges issued their own protest, along with the auxiliary personnel, blocking during Monday morning all Justice activities and schedule. The common employees of the institution, court clerks, archivists and others are discontent due to the fact that the already approved income law has not yet come into force, 20 months after all votes were concluded.

No new negotiations were scheduled yet, after the Labor Ministry representatives failed to attend the last discussions on Friday.

Protesters say that the last date for the law to come into force was September 1st, but various problems still maintain it as an inapplicable project,

Justice Minister, Monica Macovei, declared after the protests begun that the average salaries would grow, but not reach the expected level.

Judges joined the protest, with other reasons though. Their main source of discontent is a new law draft that would enable on strange basis the material responsibility and also would let free all kind of inspections for any possible verdict, starting from a basic complaint, without any other verifications.

Judges say such power for inspectors would render courts powerless and that time wasted in verifications would totally block the Justice processes.