During the first seven months of the year, Romania’s current account deficit increased to 4.87 billion euros, 43% more compared to the similar period last year. The main cause for the evolution remains the growing deficit in the commercial balance.

The goods exchange since January were 5.35 billion euros lower than the exports, compared to last year’s balance, when the deficit was 3.64 billions. In services, the balance is positive, with a 264 million euros in Romania’s favor, compared to last year’s 129 millions for the first seven months.

The current account deficit was covered 82.2% by direct foreign investments (4.0 billion euros, compared to 2.7 billions in 2005).

At the end of July, Romania’s foreign debt was 25.714 billion euros, 4.6% more than in December 2005.

National Prognosis Commission estimated a 8.7% GNP deficit this year, the same as in 2005.