During his official visit to Germany, Romanian president Traian Basescu offered an exclusive interview for the Romanian public TV station, discussing the main issues the country confronts before its accession to the EU.

Basescu says that Romania would never become a labor force exporter, as an answer to the earlier concerns expressed by several Western countries, including Germany, France, Belgium and Denmark.

“Romania won’t face any problem in ratifying the accession treaty in time”, said Basescu. “Romania must reach a certain demanded standard. Once confirmed by the member states, the standard will make these states solve their position towards Romania and sign the treaty before December 31st”, Basescu added.

At this moment, the treaty still needs signatures from France, Belgium, Germany and Denmark.

Starting in January 2007, Germany will take the lead in the EU presidency for six months. President Basescu said that his only expectation from the German state is to realign to the step-sheet of the Union’s constitutional treaty.