Information services and high-level corruption in all areas are the main subjects of the day. And, in case a subject manages to escape the area of corruption, the rest still refers to money and the lack of common sense continuously proven by politicians.

It’s not a bad day for the investigative journalism, but the people are still too caught in the Liberal Wars and the unveilings on the former political police.

Valentin Ceausescu, son of the former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, prepares to sue the Romanian state at the European Court for Human Rights, claiming that prosecutors willingly ignored for years his demands and now claim that his last actions come too late, Evenimentul Zilei informs.

Some may see this as a payback, since the men in Ceausescu’s political police, the Securitate currently control a large share in the economy, leaving other entrepreneurs without their jobs.

Many of the former officers’ affairs are quite on the edge of the law, if not beyond it, as Romania Libera finds. Two companies with deep roots in the Securitate managed to steal 32 million dollars from a state company, under the protection of several state institutions.

Still, there are private companies that lose, when they do business with high-ranked officials.

UTI Systems put up three years ago a home surveillance system worth 2.5 billion ROL in the house of the former prime minister and presidential candidate, Adrian Nastase, Gandul informs. And, of course, they never saw their money.

When it’s not officers that steal, it’s officials or companies. As Bucharest can’t have a single boulevard in good shape without paying 3 to 10 times more than any other European capital, the phenomenon expands to freeways and highways.

Recently renovated Bucharest - Ploiesti highway is back to the poor shape it was before the works. On the same length, in the same area. Cotidianul tells about the oldest trick in the book, used by the ones that won the construction contracts: bid for a good price, win the contract, than rise the price.

The Spedition UMB - Pa & Co International - Euro Construct Trading 98 - Com-Axa consortium won the bid with 199 million dollars, than demanded 297, when the legal limit for price modification is 10%.

Good news though, for politicians, at least. In case the roads come into shape before the next spring, deputies and senators want to be prepared.

Adevarul found that the parliamentarians asked for 40 million euros more that the previous sum, in order to buy new cars and pay for more visits abroad.

Maybe Renault also trusts in Romania’s better roads, since the company is about to move a large share of its research operations in Bucharest. Evenimentul Zilei says that the French will employ 1400 in Romania, almost half of the entire research department. We may be poor, but we’re still creative!