Giuliano Tavaroli, former chief of the Romanian branch of giant company Pirelli, was arrested for involvement in the illegal interception of hundreds of thousands of phone conversations, involving bankers, businessmen and politicians. The operation begun before his arrival in Romania and continued during his stay.

Italy is shook up in the world’s largest scandal involving telecomm companies. Heads of Telecom, a giant enterprise based in Italy and involves in several other countries, put up a diabolical system to tap phones.

The one who managed the birth of the entire system is no other than Giuliano Tavaroli, former general manager at Pirelli Romania and former Telecom Security Department manager.

According to Italian prosecutors, Tavaroli, a former anti terrorism officer, begun to work at ItalTel in 1985, than moved to Telecom. His arrival at Telecom came after a crisis moment, when the general manager found a microphone in his car and therefore requested a security expert.

Free to re-organize the department, Tavaroli formed a true secret service. In 2004, when the prosecutors caught a lead on the affair, Tavaroli left Telecom but remained inside the group operations, as country manager of Pirelli Romania. During his stay, he continued to lead the operations in Italy.