The National Council for the Study of Securitate Archives-CNSAS, the Romanian body studying the archives of the Communist political police, “can not yet make public its decision in the case of the former Liberal leader, Mona Musca, expelled from the party after admitting that she signed a collaboration agreement with the Securitate.

Claudiu Secasiu, CNSAS president, explained that the decisions become public only when the verdict is final and refused to make any further comments. According to sources within CNSAS, quoted yesterday by the public TV station TVR, the institution decided yesterday to define Mrs. Musca’s activities in the ‘70’s as political police.

Meanwhile, Musca refused to accept the indictments, pretending all actions were barely common information on foreign students studying in Romania. Musca also protested against the information leak in the CNSAS that made it possible for the rumor to become public. /

Seven verdicts in case of politicians who worked with ex-Ceausescu's political police