The head of the Liberal group in the Romanian House of Deputies, Crin Antonescu, has said that Liberal MPs should dissociate with the policies promoted by President Traian Basescu, except for various EU accession-related laws and measures. And he announced that in the future elections Liberals would promote their own candidate for presidency.

The Liberal Party (PNL) currently forms the governing alliance with the President Basescu’s Democrats (PD) and two junior parties, but the coalition has been troubled by multiple conflicts over the past year. PNL and PD jointly supported Basescu in the 2004 presidential elections.

Antonescu attacked the head of state over his alleged involvement in the problems of the government and said that „if Basescu wants executive powers, he may run for the seat of prime minister”.

The Liberals’ wrath against the President gained momentum after Basescu decided this week to suspend Defense minister Teodor Atanasiu, a Liberal, in a scandal related to a Liberal push earlier this year for Romania to withdraw its troops from Iraq.