Romanian businessman Ovidiu Tender, who was arrested earlier this year and later released pending his trial on organized crime and other charges, announced on Wednesday he would sue the Romanian state at the European Court for Human Rights and claim compensations for every day he was kept “illegally” under arrest.

“I think I am the only citizen of Romania who was arrested once and freed twice. It is my wish to prove the evil that was done to me”, he said before the Human Rights Commission of the House of Deputies today.

He said his rights were breached during the investigation launched against him.

The Bucharest Appeals Court decided late August to replace a preventive arrest order on Tender’s name with a ban to leave the country. He later said he was the victim of abuses and that charges against him are “lies”.

Tender and fellow businessman Marian Iancu are charged with organized crime activities, complicity to embezzlement and others in a case related to a financial prejudice valued at some 2700 bln ROL at a refinery in Eastern Romania.