The Conservative Party’s leader Dan Voiculescu announced that the conservatives would start procedure to suspend the Romanian president from its post, accusing the chief of state of breaking the Constitution by political partisanship with the Democratic Party.

Voiculescu referred to a press article that portrayed the president and his former Democrats fellows talking major politics topics on Saturday evening. This would infringe on the Constitution as the state’s president must be neutral and not take sides with one party in the detriment of another.

The “war” statements were made in a press conference organized on Monday, when the Conservatives’ leader also accused the Justice minister Monica Macovei of having collaborated with the former Securitate - the communist militia.

The Romanian political parties dismissed the Conservative’s proposal. The Coalition Liberal fellows showed disappointment with the Conservatives’ initiative taking into account their privileged position within the governing coalition. Only the opposition Social Democratic Party said that this initiative must be talked about within the party first.