Romania's Army Chief of Staff General Eugen Badalan organized a press conference on Monday in order to explain the circumstances under which the Romanian Army had signed the barter contract with the tyers producer Tofan Group, and to prove the contract was perfectly legal.

The Defense minister asked for Badalan’s replacement following his criminal investigation. The general complained about the abusive investigation of which he had not been announced, but found out from the neighbours. He announced that a meeting with president Traian Basescu tomorrow might clarify his exit status from the Army.

"I will ask President Traian Basescu to remove me from my position. If I have to leave, I will leave," Badalan said.

The president will appoint a new top chief of the Army, at the proposal of the Defense minister, who also must receive the PM’s approval. According to the law, Badalan’s replacement must be his deputy or the chiefs of the army categories.

Badalan was placed under criminal investigation by the National Anticorruption Department (DNA) on Friday. The barter contract he had signed entered into force within 2000-2004, when the Army exchanged four thousand vehicles with six thousand envelopes, a trade that brought serious loss to the Army.