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Partial Moon eclipse visible from Romania

Joi, 7 septembrie 2006, 0:00

A partial Moon eclipse will be visible from Romania between 7.42 p.m-22.00 on the evening of Thursday, September 7. The moon will cross the twilight and the shadow of the Earth during the period, which will decrease its luminosity substantially.

According to the Bucharest Astronomic Observatory website, in this specific case the northern half of the Moon will turn redish. It will appear on 7.41 p.m., exactly the moment when it starts to enter the twilight and, as it will move, it will start to lose luminosity.

The peak of the eclipse will be at 9.55 p.m., when the northern limit of the Moon disc will be darker than the rest.

Watchers will not need lens to follow the event as it will be directly visible across Romania.

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