The German Marshall Fund of the United States survey revealed that the Romanians are the most atypical Europeans due to their high support of the US foreign policy and of the presidency of George W. Bush (42%) that exceeds the Americans’ (40%).

Therefore, the Romanians support the USA world leadership to a high degree (48%) along the Dutch (48%) and the British (51%), who also consider that the NATO role is essential for their country’s security.

The 2006 poll found for the first time most Americans — 58 percent, up from 48 percent in 2005 — disagree with Bush's foreign policy.

Romanians also consider that the EU-US diplomatic and security relations should strengthen (51%), however they are not very convinced that the European Union should lead in the international relations (66%), and prove to be more euro sceptical, like their Eastern European Bulgarians (56%), Poles (70%) and the Slovakians (50%).

The EU enlargement is most supported by Romanians (85%), Bulgarians (82%), Poles (77%), Slovakia (73%) and Germany (48%).

On Iran, the survey shows 84% of Europeans and 79% of Americans say diplomacy is the key to get Tehran to comply with a U.N. Security Council demand it suspends nuclear enrichment. If that fails, 45% of Americans and 37 % of Europeans support the use of force while 38 % of Europeans, and 35 % of Americans prefer a nuclear Iran to the use of force.

The fifth survey of the Marshall Fund included the USA and 12 European countries - Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, Polland, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.