Former Justice minister Rodica Stanoiu resigned from the Social Democratic Party -PSD, the main opposition group in Romania, on Wednesday. She announced her decision before the Senate a day after she faced a hearing at the CNSAS, the Romanian body studying the archives of ex-dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s dreaded secret police, the Securitate, which she is suspected to have collaborated with.

PSD president Mircea Geoana confirmed he had a confidential talk with Rodica Stanoiu on the issue. But he refused to comment on the resignation, saying that “the decision was hers”.

According to the Antena 3 TV station, the reasons behind her withdrawal are linked to media reports regarding her hearing at the CNSAS, an institution she’s at war with.

After hearings at the CNSAS on Tuesday, Stanoiu dismissed she had a network file at the Securitate and claimed she had only been tailed by Ceausescu’s secret police.

Her resignation comes two days after another PSD polician and former minister, deputy Dan Ioan Popescu, resigned from the party. Two other PSD deputies, Ioan Timis and Gheorghe Sarb, also resigned from the group on Monday.