The Romanian minister of European integration Anca Boagiu considers that it is still early to say whether Romania’s shortcoming would trigger any safeguard clause, however, this is to be decided by the European Commission following consultation with the member states.

The statement came in a press conference today, one day before the official reunion of the European ministers in Brussels on Sept, 6.

Boagiu admits Romania has reasons not to feel at ease due to the unfulfilment of setting up the National Integrity Agency, an institution aimed at fighting corruption.

Romania has received 4 red flags for agriculture and fiscal operating systems with the last monitoring report in May. The next one due September 26 will evaluate the performances and the drawbacks of the country’s integration efforts and will eventually trigger. Some sector safeguard clause which will not effect the accession on January 1, 2007.

Provided a clause is triggered, Romania might not benefit of full financial support.