Leaders of the National Liberal Party - PNL, a senior member of the governing coalition, urged President Traian Basescu on Monday to conclude the procedure of resignation for the heads of the country’s intelligence services and name new people for these positions as fast as possible.

Their intervention came as the Romanian Parliament last week challenged an earlier announcement by the Romanian Presidency that President Basescu had accepted the resignations of the heads of the Romanian Intelligence Service, the Foreign Intelligence Service and an Interior Ministry intelligence department.

The three resigned at the peak of a huge scandal sparked by businessman Omar Hayssam, who fled the country despite being placed under terrorism charges.

The Parliament said it should have had the last word in the dismissal of the three.

Ludovic Orban, head of the Bucharest branch of PNL, said on Monday that his party was open to any nomination for these intelligence jobs, but it disagreed with parliamentary party nominations in these regard, as it has been discussed lately.