Romania has decided not to send troops in a mission to introduce an international buffer military structure in South Lebanon, Romanian President Traian Basescu announced upon his return from the United States this weekend.

“Nor I, nor the General Chief of Staff, nor any other member of the Romanian delegation (to Washington) has engaged Romania in participating with troops to such a mission.

From our point of view, Romania is meeting its commitments to the potential implied in our accords with foreign partners, be it our partners in NATO, the EU or bilateral-based partners”, the Romanian head of state said.

He said Romania would prefer a UN Security Council solution to lead to the implementation of UN resolutions.

But he said Romania unequivocally recognizes the right of Israel to its own security. He said that he discussed the problem of the Israel-Hezbollah conflict at the highest level during his trip to the US due to the presence of many Romanian citizens in the region.