The Friday newspapers don’t miss the opportunity to scrutinize the Thursday attempt in the Romanian parliament to discredit president Basescu by keeping the heads of the special services still in office for the following 30 days. Some of the dailies write about the Washington meeting between Romanian president Traian Basescu and the US head of state George W.

Bush, aimed at discussing on the visas lifting and Romanian troops in Iraq. A special focus falls on children today as some newspapers show concern for the “exported” children, and for the children left home while their parents are working abroad.

Reverberations of PM's motorbike accident are still present in the newspapers today, while the heat's victims also concern the Friday press.

Evenimentul Zilei ironically writes about a new accusation that Romanian prosecutors have brought to the fugitive Arab businessman Omar Hayssam, aimed at showing the Romanian authorities' determination to punish the “most wanted terrorist” Romania has ever known.

Besides the terrorism and organized crime charges, the new accusation refers to illegal border crossing. The post-events zeal of the Romanian justice institutions is “impressive” taken into account the silence and secrecy over the vanishing of Hayssam for days, and the eventual decision to release an international search warrant on the Syrian descent businessman.

The judges that allowed the release of Haysam from prison are also under the magistrates’ attention, while the opposition in the Parliament together with two of the governing alliance parties are trying to prove president Basescu that the final word stays with them regarding the dismissal of the two heads of the Romanian Intelligence Service and the External Information Service.

Gandul is even harsher on the Parliament’s stand against the president Basescu’s position regarding the resignation of the two heads of the special services, and writes that the Parliament has waged a war against the presidency in a bid to prove Basescu that his political faith is dependent on the Parliament’s approval.

Cotidianul focuses on the MPs attempt to prove president Basescu was hasty and abusive when accepting the resignations of the special services’ heads.

The Liberals, Conservatives and the Democratic Hungarians allied with the opposition parties and voted to keep the heads of the Romanian intelligence still in office until the Parliament endorsed their resignations and appointed new directors.

Moreover, the opposition leaders Mircea Geoana (Social Democrats) and Vadim Tudor (Greater Romania Party) threaten to impeach president Basescu for his bid to subordinate the Legislative in accepting the two resignations by skipping the legal procedures in dismissing the intelligence management.

The Democrats chilled down the spirits by translating that a resignation is a unilateral decision that does not require the Parliaments’ votes. However, the demonstration in the Parliament on Thursday made a point regarding the president’s support among the governing coalition and opposition parties.

Gandul publishes an interview with the Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu about the motorbike accident on Wednesday that left his leg in a cast, his Harly Davidson crushed and the one he collided with in shock and with his car smashed.

Tariceanu explains the causes of his accident, skidding in a curve despite his long experience as a motorbike rider, and insisted for keeping his hobbies even in his position of prime minister.

Evenimentul Zilei presents the conclusion of a survey it has carried out over few months regarding the conditions of the children left home by parents working abroad to earn money for a better life. Although the parents’ intentions are good, the effects of their departures are devastating for children.

This was the case of a boy that hanged himself as not having his mother beside him was too painful and unbearable. The “home alone effect” is emphasized by the frailty of a bad social care system. However, a first measure taken by the Romanian authorities requests the Romanian emigrants to provide a notice that their children are left in good care until their return.

But it is too little for the children whose personalities are influenced by others than their family, this working abroad wave having long term effects on children’s behaviour.

Cotidianul also shows interest for the children’s faith and publishes an article on the international adoptions. According to the Authority for Child’s protection, 30,000 children were internationally adopted in the 1990-2004 period. The law that restricts international adoptions was endorsed in 2004.

Until then, the children were adopted by different means, despite a moratorium adopted in 1997 that could not stop the leaving of 10,000 children to international families. The article emphasises the Romanian NGO’s complicity in bribing the authorities to grant children to foreigners.

The poor mothers were manipulated and lied to in order to let their children grow in a better environment temporarily, but the separations were forever. However, the new legislation put an end to the children traffic.

Romania Libera presents the toll of the extreme heat wave that hit Romania: 6 persons dead as not able to face the high temperatures and other 36 who tried to chill down in lakes and rivers and never made it to the surface.

The visas for the US for the Romanians citizens is about to be lifted, Evenimentul Zilei writes, thanks to the good relations between the two countries, and to the support shown by the Romanian troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for the restoration of democracies in the conflict stricken countries.

President Bush stated that the US is working on a road map for lifting visas for other 13 countries, good allies of the US, among which Romania as well.