The Romanian president Traian Basescu paid a visit to his US counterpart George W. Bush on Thursday to hold talks over the military in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and the visa lifting for Romanians travelling to the US.

George W Bush thanked Romania for being a good ally and for showing support in keeping the democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, while president Basescu assured the US. that Romania will remain an ally in upholding democracy in the two Arab countries.

Romanian President Traian Basescu also talked about Visa regime for the Romanian citizens travelling and working in the US and asked president George W. Bush to drop visa requirements for the Romanians.

"Romanians don't look at the United States as a place to immigrate illegally," Basescu told reporters after meeting with Bush in the Oval Office. "We want to work together on a road map to make sure the visa policy will work. And that's where we are with Romania, as well as other countries," Bush said encouraging the Romanina president that this issue will be soon a bygone problem.

The two counterparts had discussions on the Black Sea security region, where the US has set a military base at Mihail Kogalniceanu airport.

Bush also told the press that president Basescu and Romania are US’ friends, while Basescu gave his US counterpart a collection gold coin as a gift for Bush’s 60 years anniversary.