The Romanian president signed the two resignations and by"accepting" them, he wanted to let know the Parliament about his position, the presidential administration replied to the Parliament’s decision regarding the resignation of the heads of the two Romanian intelligence services, according to which the two should stay in office until the Parliament accepted the resignations.

A press release of the Presidency explained that the official resignations were submitted to the president Traian Basescu as he had duties in this regard, and due to the Parliament’s vacation.

In the following 30 days, the Parliament must dismiss the two heads of the intelligence services, provided the two did not change their minds regarding the resignations.

The former presidential counsellor Renate Weber stated for that the resignations dispute is politically driven, as it was very clear that a resignation must be taken as such by the MPs. Regardless of the Parliament’s decision on Thursday, the former heads of the special services will hand out their duties in 30 days.

However, the resignations’ acceptance by the president must have been just a briefing, as he was not entitled to dismiss them. The problem rests with the interim appointees as they were to be named only following the dismissal by the Parliament.