The main political parties of the governing coalition in Bucharest, the Liberals and the Democrats, have been involved in a new fight for political positions, after the heads of the three main intelligence services in Romania resigned last week.

Shortly after the resignations were announced, Democratic sources quoted by various media said the party considered three men - Claudiu Saftoiu, Mihai Stanisoara and Sorin Frunzaverde - to take over the top jobs at the Romanian Intelligence Service, the Foreign Intelligence Service and the intelligence department of the Interior Ministry.

But deputy Democratic Party leader Cezar Preda said on Sunday the group did not and would not have any proposal for these positions as such a proposal belongs to the President constitutionally.

Meanwhile, Liberal officials have said their party have submitted nominations for these jobs last year already, according to a set of criterias.

And Dan Voiculescu, the head of the Conservative Party, a junior member of the governing coalition, said his party would only support professionals with a long experience in the field.