Romanian businessman of Syrian descent Omar Hayssam, who’s been missing for two weeks despite being freed on temporary parole pending his trial under terrorism charges, will be searched internationally by Interpol. The Romanian Police announced it called for an international search not for the terrorism charges on Hayssam’s name, but for his attempt to dodge the Romanian justice.

Hayssam is suspected of terrorism in the case of three Romanian journalists who were kidnapped - and later released - in Iraq last year. Suffering of colon cancer, he was released from preventive arrest in April but the intelligence services, his family and friends say they’ve lost track of him since early this month.

The situation prompted the resignation of the heads of the three main intelligence services in Romania yesterday.

Despite various claims that Hayssam could not leave the country because custom officials were informed on a judicial ban for him to do so, Interior minister Vasile Blaga said today the businessman might have very well left Romania.