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Gas prices up again

Luni, 17 iulie 2006, 0:00

The Rompetrol and Petrom gas companies announced on Monday that they would increase the prices of the fuels following the hike of the barrel’s prices on the international market. Rompetrol is to increase the litre by 0.08 RON. A Premium E Plus liter (Euro3) and Euro standard no lead (Euro 3) costs 3.58 RON each.

Euro Super Plus no lead (Euro4) costs 3.90, up 0.01 while Euro Super 98 no lead (Euro 4) costs now 4 RON, up 0.02 RON.
Diesel increased 0.04 RON , hence 1l of Euro 3 costs 3,45 RON, while 1l Super Euro 4 reached 3.5 RON.

Petrom increased fuel prices by 0.09 RON for gas and 0.06 for diesel.

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