Hundreds of Romanians have been leaving Lebanon after violence with Israel spiraled in the last several days, while others have asked for the support of the Romanian Embassy in Beirut for evacuation support. People who did so were expected at the Romanian Embassy in the Lebanese capital on Monday morning, according to plans conceived by a crisis cell at the Romanian Foreign Ministry.

According to official statements, permanent teams work around the clock at the Romanian embassies in Beirut and Damascus, the Syrian capital, to assist some 340 Romanians who have asked for help.

The repatriation plans of Romanian citizens from Lebanon was established at a top level reunion convoked by Romanian President Traian Basescu on Sunday. Other such talks took place later in the day.

According to data from the Foreign Ministry in Bucharest, there were some 1,000 Romanian citizens, both residents and tourists, in Lebanon by the time the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah started last week.

Other European and Arab countries as well as the United States have also announced measures to evacuate expats and tourists from the region until the situation cools down.