The man who blew his own house in Manhattan, NY last Monday has died due to injuries he suffered in the explosion. Nicholas Bartha, 66, the US doctor of Romanian origin, had been in medically induced coma at the Weill Cornell Medical Center since the day he allegedly had his four-storey building collapsed in an apparent suicide attempt.

Bartha had been charged for the explosion, which also wounded four passers-by and 11 firefighters and damaged nearby buildings in Manhattan.

The man was born in Romania at the beginning of WWII. While young, he met Dutch citizen Cordula Hahn in Rome, and they left for the US in 1974.

After they married, Bartha and his parents, known as former rich people from the gold mining area of Rosia Montana in Western Romania, managed to save the necessary money to buy a building in Manhattan. Bartha divorced his wife in 2001, but she claimed part of the building which Bartha, whose family had been expropriated by Communists in Romania, refused.

That was also the reason for which Bartha is thought to have tried to destroy the building in the suicidal act a week ago. But the irony is that the only hair of the his family is his ex-wife.