Two members of Krunislav Jovanovici network were arrested for fraud and money laundering following a scam that involved some expired baking notes issued by a US bank going bankrupt.

Although in 2003, the National Bank of Romania sent out some warnings against the Jovanovici group, the network managed to produce a 300 mln Euros dent in the Romanian banking system.

Along a Serbian citizen, three other Romanians helped introduce in the country some expired banking notes from an L.A. bank that went bankrupt in 1996, valued by a bank in Bucharest at USD 40,654,000.

The prosecutors said that Krunislav Jovanovici established 7 companies in Romania, with fictive headquarters that were introducing fake elements in the banking circuit. At least two banks were mislead. The head of the network was helped by Romanians collaborators.

The house search identified fake banking notes of USD 50 mln, yet to use by the criminals.