The World Bank endorsed a new loan for Romania, valued at 106.2 million Euros for the Project for municipality services.

The project will prepare a series of 11 counties on the financing list of the EU and will contribute to the modernization of the water and sewage systems of the cities, and to the development of infrastructure in Bucuresti and Arad.

The costs for upgrading these services to EU standards by the end of 2018 amount to 15 billion Euros.

The Project will also offer consultancy for the financing projects applying for the European funds, but it also includes a component for the preparation of the application forms, another one for the urban services in Bucharest to finance the extension of investments of water systems, and the component of urban services in the city of Arad.

The project aims at filling in 11 financing applications, approx. 30.000 persons in Bucharest will have access to water alimentation services, other 25,000 persons will benefit the same advantages in Arad; 62 km of roads paved in Bucharest, 84 km in Arad, and over 100 skm in Arad and Bucharest will be protected against flooding.