Romanian PM together with the US Ambassador to Romania Nicholas Taubman, and the Transportation minister are paying a visit to the central and western counties of Cluj and Bihor aiming at testing out the Transilvania highway’s construction.

PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu met with the representatives of the Bechtel company and had talks on the possibility of speeding up the highway’s building.

Tariceanu reminded the Bechtel management that the government already paid 126.3 million Euros, which represents 22% of the total value of workings, but the real result so far makes up to 2%

The number of employees will be multiplied, although a significant labor force takes part to the project, but the workings have to speed up, Tariceanu says. Bechtel’s PR director Bogdan Zgarcitu assured that the company will take urgent measures to speed up the highway, including the night shifts in order to catch up with the deadlines. By the end of this year, 800 more employees will be hired.

The workings for the Transilvania highway resumed after the renegotiation of the contract by he government Tariceanu, following the sealing of an advantageous contract by the former social democratic government.