The oil barrel price went beyond 76 USD, a historical maximum since the barrel is on trade at the Chicago market. The ascendant trade has been visible in the few last days and has not been prompted by the tensions in Israel and Lebanon, the economic analyst Cristian Sima stated for

The analysts foresee that in few days the oil barrel price will touch USD 80, situation that will prompt a beginning of economical recession in US and Europe.

The international trend influenced the Romanian stock exchange as well, generating a 4% loss of the trades’ volume. The foreign investment funds that activate on the Romanian stocks follow the international trend, hence influencing the whole dynamics of the Romanian stock and recording a rise of the shares’ sale at lower prices and a drop of the transactions.

Sima warns that the increase of the interest to 6% for the dollar will prompt the rise of the USD to 3.3 - 3.5 RON.